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Here I am disclosing a secrete.

Several years ago I have bought a product from Cindy for only $27.

Using that product, idea, and support of Cindy, I am able to make my Digital Entrepreneurship. 

Investing $27 with Cindy that help me to bank over $10000+ and still make more.

Now I am the Director and CEO of CoEntrepreneurLab Limited, London, UK. 

After getting Cindy’s product and idea, Now I am running a company in London, UK, and successfully operating while I am staying outside of the UK. I have made digital platforms named CA$H FUNNELS & 100K CA$H SITE.

Cindy is the top#1 vendor and affi1ilate on JVZoo. Always her affi1iate c@ampaigns c0nvert more than 40%. She is getting 98% of c0nversion from em@il marketing system.

I can't wait to share with my friends, customs, and subscribers, when I know that again Cindy, is made email marketing software to generate more $ales 0nlione. 

If you take this now then I will share and show everything with you how I launched my digital business and made over $10000 and till making more and made my own digital platform CA$H FUNNELS & 100K CA$H SITE.



Cindy Donovan is an Australian digital entrepreneur, JVZoo top vendor and affiliate. Cindy has been in the business of building massively profitable lists for over 16 years and knows when it comes to email marketing you need an email platform that will grow with your business, not make you jump through hoops. You need an email platform that is reliable, has stellar deliverability and flexibility.

You want something that lets you run your business how and when you want to, without having the threat of insane monthly subscriptions hanging over your head – or the stress of feeling like you have to write something just to get your money’s worth.  This is all of that, and then some! 


Mailermatic is a first of it’s kind autoresponder with easy one-click import, unlimited subscribers, unlimited sends, inbuilt lead generation, spam protection with NO monthly charges or hidden fees!

Full-Featured Hosted Autoresponder Platform Inbuilt SMTP, or connect to AmazonSES, SendGrid or any other SMPT service, use your own custom domain/Whitelabel functionality, advanced click tracking & automation features.

  • Benefit 1 - Unlimited Import/Uploads, Subscribers, Lists, Broadcasts Using Our Drag & Drop Templates Enjoy a truly unlimited email marketing experience – just upload and send to your subscribers.
  • Benefits 2 - Easy List Building With Optin Forms Or Auto-List Growth WordPress Plugin Have full control with opt-in forms or activate the WP plugin to show popups, banners & more (WP Plugin is part of the OTO1 feature – or bundle pack).
  • Benefits 3 - Drag & Drop Email Builder With Inbuilt 25 Templates: Add Video, GIF's, Images, Text and anything you’d like into your professional-looking emails (incl mobile responsive views).
  • Benefits 4 - Stunning Open Rates, CTR & Primary Inboxing with our inbuilt spam guard protection.
  • Benefits 5 - Whitelabel Sending (Use Your Own Custom Domain): Send from your own email connected to your custom domain (optional).


Front End - Insta-Minator : $36.95
Access the powerful Insta-Minator software and training modules.

OTO #1 - Mailermatic Pro ($37)

  • Access to our Integration partner, FunnelMates SaaS platform
  • 12 Handpicked DFY complete (automated) funnel campaigns
  • WP plugin for truly automated list growth, sales & conversions
  • Choose an additional 2 free funnels per month
  • Create your own funnel for any niche using the funnel builder templates
  • Unlimited written for you email promo sequences (all with your affiliate links) 
  • BONUS: Upgrade to 100 Pre Designed Email Templates

NOTE: There is no need to request to promote for those affiliate links - links are there ONLY if you choose to offer exclusive bonuses to people to encourage them to upgrade.

OTO #2 - Mailermatic DFY ($47, $197/yr or $27/m)
Customers for option 1 receive $50 of marketplace credit. 

Options 2&3 receive the following: $30 a month credit to spend on any marketplace items.

*Credits do NOT carry over each month, they get an exclusive whitelabel funnel if they don’t spend all of their credits that month. 

As well as unlocking the following Funnel Mates Platinum only benefits:

  • Create and publish an UNLIMITED number of funnels (previously 3/month)
  • Activate as many free funnels from the marketplace as you want (previously 2/month)
  • Sell ANY kind of offer in your funnels opening up opportunities to make Shopify, SamCart, Kartra, ThriveCart funnels, MLM funnels, Funnels for coaches or offline business and so much more
  • Create/Publish Premium Whitelabel Funnels
    (Can sell, for a higher amount letting the purchasing member edit and customise the funnels you create and sell.) 
  • Create/Publish Premium Exclusive Funnels
    (Can sell for a much higher amount, selling complete ownership of created funnel with all editing and publishing permissions transferred to new owner)
  • Clone your funnels: Ability to clone your funnels so you can create and publish more funnels faster

OTO #3 - Mailermatic Agency ($97)

You will get everything they need to succeed in the main course. This upgrade is extra training that will show you the ADVANCED tactics to scale their Insta-Minator income and get results faster using a completely unique approach to writing compelling emails that get opened. Not only that, you’ll come up with content within minutes , getting tons of commissions deposited directly into your Paypal account…

OTO #4- Mailermatic Magnet Bundle ($97 one-time)

  • A collection of 140+ done for you lead capture funnels including giveaway reports, landing and download pages, graphics and followup email sequences for each.  
  • Includes word doc/psd files for each funnel
  • Plus TWO new added every month
  • Pay once and get access to this massive collection that continues to grow
  • Perfect for using to create your own FunnelMates funnels, that you can use or sell. 

They’ll also unlock access to Agency access to FunnelMates, which will allow them to create accounts and transfer premade funnels (optional) to their new client’s accounts.


FE+ All OTOs Price=  $36.95+ $37+ $197+$97+$97 = $464

but vendor Made a Bundle with the price of $297 (against of $464) Only for a few hours offer.

(FE+ OTO1 + OTO2 +OTO3 +OTO4)

Watch The Demo Video Of 

MailerMatic Below









I got a secrete em@il m@rketing technique from 2 super affi1iate by inve$ting 2000 bucks. A few days ago I have got 77% c0nversi0n from my aff-c@ampain using that secret. I will invite you to a live training where I will show you the secret and how you will able to use it for your c@mpaigns.


ELITE B0NUS-2: 10000 Buyer Em@il Le@ds:

I want to give 10000 buyer em@il contacts. Buyer contacts always give more result than any general contacts. You will be able to upload to MailerMatic autoresponder and start your em@il c@mpaign instantly.

ELITE B0NUS-3: Em@il Verification Tools:

I want to give you Em@il Verification Tools for your contact list validation, which help you to increase the higher inboxing rate and reduce bounce rate.



FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-1: List Building Profit Kit Video Course

These 8 comprehensive and detailed over-the-shoulder tutorial videos show you how to build bigger lists, get more engagement and different strategies you can use to monetize their lists even better.


FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-2: Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation Video Corse

With this 10-part video course, you will discover how to stay in control of your access to your audience. You are going to learn how to get into e-mail marketing and enjoy the amazing passive income it can produce for you by showing you the process of putting up a modern e-mail list - one that is engineered to succeed from the ground up.

FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-3: Product Creation And Launch Webinar: 

You are already known that Radu, Venkata, Chris X, Cindy Donovan are launching their own products every 21 days and generate over $100K/mo.  I will provide you the training where you will be able to know- how to create digital products and launch on WarriorPlus/ JVZoo / ClickBank.


 I will provide the training where you will be able to know- how to create a campaign where you can generate $500 by pr0moting a product whose price is also the same (100% c0mmission).

FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-5: Weekly Super Aff Training

Every week you will get training where super affi1iate will show you how they are generating 5000-10000 bucks every month.

FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-6: Training- $50 from uploading 1 video into youtube by downloading other people videos

I have purchased over $1000 products from one of the top vendors and Aff of WarriorPlus named Glynn Kosky. After then he sends me 30 minutes of special training where he showed me- how to possible to generate 50 bucks by uploading per video to youtube from downloading those videos from a link.

I will send you the same training video.



I will give the exact system and tools which made 300 bucks CPA c0mmissi0n daily.


Daily 1000 email $ending account to send any offer to other people le@ds.


FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-9: Glynn’s C0mmission Generating Software

1 Top $elling s0ftware of Glynn Kosky which already is using over 5000 people and generating their 0nline c0mmissi0n. I have got an agency license to give my customers like you.


FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS-10: Video Marketing Training

I will give you 17 days of video marketing training where you will see how experts are making 1000 bucks from video marketing. You will get the exact case study.


FIRST ACTI0N B0NUS- 11: Permission To Use All My B0NUSES To Pr0mote your c@mpaings

Permission to use all the b0nuses (except email leads) of the page to prom0te your campaigns.




Exact B0nus Page Create For Your Pr0m0tion for OTO1:

I will create this same bonus page with your affiliate link to promote your Campaigns. After purchasing this, you will send a request to the vendor with your receipt copy for getting approval. When you get your link then send that link to me then I will create the same B0NUS PAGE WITH YOUR AFF LINK for your pr0m0tion. 



1-On-1 Training on Skype + Additional 1 B0nus Page Creation:

I have got training from 7 figure marketers inve$ting 2000 buck and I am generating 100-500 bucks every day based on those training and guide. I will give the exact training and guide into the 1-on-1 season.

If you grab 1st OTO then You will get 1 Review and b0nus page.

If you grab 2nd OTO then You will get another 1 Review and bonus page+ You will get one 1-on-1 live training by Skype or Zoom ( for 1-on-1 live training OTO price must be $97 or above)

If you grab 3rd - 6th OTO then You will get another 1 Review and bonus page+ extra one 1-on-1 live training by Skype or Zoom ( for 1-on-1 live training OTO price must be $97 or above) for each of the next OTOs.


Permission to use my em@il copy to pr0m0te your c@mpaigns with I used to pr0mote this product.



50000 Em@il le@ds ( em@il contacts).


=> 70000 Em@il le@ds ( em@il contacts).


=> 2 Private Training on Skype (1-On-1) 

=> You will get a MailerMatic Bundle Offer Bonus Page For Your Affiliate Promotion 

My team will create a bonus page for you like this to promote your MailerMatic affiliate promotion. If  You can generate only 2 sales then you will be able to cover your investment.



(FE+ OTO1 + OTO2 +OTO3 +OTO4)

Terms of B0NUS: 

  1. Make sure you purchased products under this affiliate link- Nilufa Yasmin, Or, Lion Mustak
  2. Send your purchase proof to this mail for getting my offered b0nuses. 




Grab This Product Now And Get All The General Bonuses Also

WORTH: $26.00

Email List Building Gold

If you have been around for any length of time online, you have probably heard the phrase, “the money is in the list.”

This refers to the idea that the key to profitability with email marketing is having your own subscriber list that buys from you. With your own list, you can email to them regularly and have them purchase your offers, whether they are your own products or products you are an affiliate of.

There are certain rules and guidelines you should follow if you plan on being successful with email marketing.

With this great blueprint you will learn how to:

  • Discover methods of free and paid traffic
  • Easy to follow traffic tactics
  • Simple to use programs and tools
  • Find out how to track your progress for free

WORTH: $47.00

Email List Secrets Step-by-Step Guide

Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Building a Thriving Email List and Increase Your Profits Starting Today!

If you run a business, a website or a blog and you want to increase your audience as well as increasing engagement, then the single most effective way to do that is with email marketing.

If you listen to pretty much any top marketer, then they will almost always tell you this. They will almost always say that the most important aspect of their marketing – the thing that led to their success – was email. And there’s a very good reason for this. Or ten…

Email marketing allows you to reach your audience in an incredibly direct manner. Unlike other forms of marketing, you’ll actually be able to reach your audience directly in their inboxes without having to go through any third party.

That means that you’re not reliant on a platform like Facebook or Twitter, or at the mercy of potential changes to policies that could render your messages unheard. It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook made the decision to change its system so that only a small percentage of posts from pages got through to followers.

With email, your messages are going directly to the users. That means that nothing can prevent you from reaching them and you know that 100% of everything you send is going to reach the recipient.

WORTH: $53.00

Email Protector Software

This PHP script is a quick and easy way to protect your email address on your site from spam bots!

If you are a blogger or an email marketer, making your list of email subscribers into safe is necessary.

You see, everyday new tools are being made and launched including SPAM Bots that will harm your list of email subscribers.

The good news though is that inside this product is a php script that will run to your server and protect your email addresses from SPAM.

WORTH: $18.00

Ultimate Done For You Autoresponder Email Series V1

Get Your Hands On 30 Done For You EVERGREEN Simple Copy and Paste High Converting Auto Responder Email Follow Up Series Designed To Crank Out Money And Be Relevant For Years and Years To Come!

The money is in the list. You may already heard this phrase but for majority of internet marketers and blogger who tried to build a list, setting up the autoresponder series is the most time-consuming tasks.

It's not the setting up of squeeze page or the technicalities of the optin form. You must also put passionate effort on your autoresponder as this will be your channel to connect to your email subscribers and build authority as well as relationship to them.

The good news is that, inside this product you are about to get those autoresponder series content in various niches without headache and hassle.

WORTH: $41.00

Utilizing Facebook For Your Online Business

Going online is the future for all organizations big or small. Facebook is just one facet of this online presence. It offers some compelling reasons for companies to use it to maximize their business.

There are both advantages as well as disadvantages to using Facebook, and it may well be true that it has still not reached the sophistication of other more established online names.

This guide's purpose is to discuss in detail what exactly Facebook is and how using it can help any small business become bigger than imagined through social networking.

WORTH: $38.00

Easy Email Marketing Course Package

Have you been looking for a great way to get more subscribers? Do you constantly seek quality information to provide to your readers? Have you been looking for a way to qui...

WORTH: $21.00

Email Marketing For Newbies

Discover Secret Email Marketing Methods And Uncover How to Make An Absolute Killing With Email Marketing! It Takes Any Prospect You Are Targeting An Average Of 7 Times Before ...

WORTH: $24.00

Facebook Ad Geek

Learn how to navigate through Facebook's impossibly long ad creation tool in no time, creating your first ad in just minutes! Find out how simple it is to grab your sh...

WORTH: $27.00

Tube Traffic Ninja 2

SEO Guru Reveals Dead Simple Method For Hijacking Free Traffic From Google With Only 5 Minutes Of Work Per Day! Let's face it we all love YouTube. We've spent countl...

WORTH: $41.00

Twitter Traffic Mastery

New Report Reveals The Most Powerful Strategies For Generating Unlimited Traffic From Twitter!* How to quickly set up your twitter account for maximum exposure! * The easiest ...

WORTH: $44.00

Viral Traffic Generation

Discover Amazing Marketing Secrets That Will Absolutely Flood Your Website with Traffic - With No Additional Cost! You can learn how to put together a strategy that works best...

WORTH: $25.00

Yahoo! Answers Traffic Guide

The Question Of How To Let Loose A Tidal Wave Of Traffic To Your Website Is In The Answers! Learn How To Instantly Use The Popularity Of The Yahoo! Answers Community To Immedi...

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